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Doggy Day Care and Boarding

in Grandsivaz - Montagny

We take care of your dog.

Need to get back to the office and don't know where to keep your dog?

Are you going on vacation and need competent care for your pet?

Our highly professional dog boarding facility, appreciated by our clients, is located in Grandsivaz in the canton of Fribourg.

Dogtastic, that's Andrea and Tom - both trained as dog trainers and animal caretakers FBA. We make sure that your dog enjoys his time with us all around, even in your absence.


Verfügbarkeiten Sommerferien 2024

Summer holidays: We currently a limited number of spaces still available for existing clients dogs (sociable dogs only).
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The New Year bings a few changes for Dogtastic.
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A place to feel good!

Several daily walks, as appropriate, swimming fun at the creek & excursions into nature.
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